Problematic Remixes Revisited Mixtape is Now Available!!

May 29th, 2013

We A Problem artists Ace Sinna, Ladi G, Ya Boy Skolla and Stefon brings you the “Problematic Remixes Revisited” mix tape, Hosted by DJ Reality (We A Problem DJs, Sniper Squad DJs, Future Star DJs,

Vyzion Radio DJs & Next Cut Radio DJs) 22 Banging Tracks including a sneak peek track into the We A Problem self-titled Album titled “Super Fly”!

The Problemz have taken your favorite songs and made them Problem Songs! Super Thug, Shabba, Stay Schemin’, Own It, Bow Down, Don’t Judge Me. Also including these new songs: Olde E, All Night, and 5 O’Clock Freestyle.

Don’t be a Victim to your problems… Download it and Support your Problemz!