Four Artists – Eight Singles: Don’t Try This At Home!

May 30th, 2015

Hip Hop is a competitive sport! Everyone is looking for an edge that will set them apart from the pack and solidify a foothold in the industry. Four artists will each release a double-sided single just like back in the 90’s. Hip Hop artists Ladi G “Salvador Dali b/w Bounce”, Ya Boy Skolla “Work b/w Live It Up ft. Stefon”, M.C. from Self Made Family “Made A Million b/w Never Going Broke (Gangstas & Palm Trees) ft. Stefon” and Singer/Songwriter Stefon with “Amazing ft. Ladi G b/w Worth It”.


All songs are being released by The Next Phase Entertainment LLC, and CEO DJ Reality, CFO LaTonia Robinson and VP of Operations David “UncleBoss” Jackson are excited to be apart of Independent Label history in this day and time. “Most indie artists and labels release one song, see if it works and then come out with either another song or a remix of the first song to force people to like it. We tested these singles with our own group of DJs located in different areas of the country and came up with songs that appeal to both the club scene and works at radio, more coverage for our brand” says DJ Reality.


While doing something like this is costly, says Ms. Robinson, but we believe in the artists, their talents, the staff at the label, and most importantly the We A Problem brand as a whole, and Ladi G, Ya Boy Skolla, M.C. from Self Made Family and Stefon certainly live up to the name.” With a May release date, the usage of the hashtag “#DontTryThisAtHome” has started making the rounds via social media and physical promotional items have been designed with the slogan also. “The #DontTryThisAtHome hashtag came about sitting with our social media and street team partners Gee & Chula Shay from No Days Off consulting“, says UncleBoss Jackson. “Its our way to slam home the competitive edge to others that think releasing one song is hard, try eight at one time… #DontTryThisAtHome if your work ethic is questionable, don’t have the budget to do so, or the team in place to make it happen!


Four Artists – Eight Songs, not many small labels can handle that workload, but The Next Phase Entertainment LLC believes that Ladi G, Ya Boy Skolla, M.C. from Self Made Family and Stefon have what it takes to pull it off!

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